PAL Therapy Center - 18826 Route 522, Beaver Springs, PA  17812  *  570-658-7710
PAL Therapy Center was founded by Bev Kline-Lash.  Bev has had her own private practice for approximately 10 years.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in PA and has a Master's Certification in Addiction Counseling.  She also is a Licensed Creative Arts Therapist in NY state and a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist.  She has focused her post-graduate work as a therapist (for the past 20 years) in various settings such as: nursing care facilities, BHRS therapist, residential facility for AIDS/HIV residents with addiction & mental health issues, out patient mental health, drug & alcohol facility, as well as a private practice. She has worked 5.5 years as a Child & Youth Behavioral Consultant for the Armed Services. 
A new property was purchased with an office space, hence PAL Therapy Center was born.  Bev enjoys working with individuals from different walks of life, particularly to assist with life changes, growth and coping with stresses and challenges.

Recently, Bev decided to work in NYC on Thursdays.  Th office address is
29 W 36th street, NYC. The city has been her home twice in her life and she has decided to spend time there again.

PAL Therapy Center is also blessed to have Karin Shawver  (Office Manager) as part of the team.  Karin hails from the local community and has worked in the health care field for many years.  
PAL is taken from the name Pallas Athena.  Pallus Athena was the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill.  Truthfully, PAL is Bev's husband's initials.  The team thought Pallas Athena was more impressive.
PAL Therapy Center is managed by PAL Enterprises of Central Pa, LLC

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